Color and Photoshop

This week we explored colors and are dipping our toes into the world of Photoshop. I admit to both excitement and apprehension as we traverse into this new area of website building. As a non-designer, I have serious doubts about my abilities to combine colors and make things look good in the way that our fellow classmates in the Art History Department can! However, I am encouraged in the system that helps us to pull colors out of photographs, use light against dark and just thinking in a purposeful way about color will make my website better. The colors currently in my website – the muted brown and green – attempt to reflect military in an understated way. I like the effect, and am looking forward to playing with the shades to see how I might improve upon that theme.
The Non-Designer’s Photoshop Book appears to offer simple, straightforward ways to delve into Photoshop. I really enjoyed the Introduction, and the constant reminders from the authors that they understand we are not experts in digital technology.
Based on Professor Petrik’s quick observations of my Type Assignment last week, I made some updates. The recommendations to use the picture and caption format from the View from the East website were fantastic! They worked perfectly in my Type Assignment, though when I attempted to apply them to my Home and About Me page, they did not work as well. I am still playing and hope to see solid results before the next class. I also managed to conquer the world of footnotes, and have adjusted my pull-quote and block quote so they look a bit better. These improvements have encouraged me to think that perhaps I have gained some understanding of the puzzle pieces of HTML and CSS necessary for website building. Each week brings new tools, and a broader understanding of the technicalities required. It is highly satisfying for a history major turned website builder!
Also, see my comments on Paul’s blog.

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