More Photoshop – Trials and Tribulations

Ah, coloring. It was so fun as a kid. Pick a crayon (it didn’t even have to “match” whatever you wanted to color) and go to town. The littlest kids don’t even have to stay inside the lines. 

My world has been turned upside down. Coloring has (hopefully only temporarily) lost its magic. Not only do I have to stay inside the lines, I have to create the lines! Our experiments in class were very helpful, though at times frustrating. I thought I would be able to replicate to some extent what I had done in class, but hand coloring a photo has completely escaped me. I will continue to try, and hope to have something vaguely resembling what we accomplished in class by tomorrow night.

In the meantime, my other experiments have fared a bit better. Please take a look at my Image assignment page to check it out. I realize the outcomes are modest, but am glad to have made the progress I have made and look forward to getting better with practice! 

This week I commented on Kasey’s blog and Kirk’s blog.




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