Images of Military Women – Part II

The unceremonious approach seems to have worked well for other people’s submissions, so I will follow suit. Here it is, and as Kirk stated, prepared not to be blown away. . . but, I was impressed with what I have learned in Photoshop, since I started with such humble beginnings.  Enjoy, and please have fun laughing at my hand colored photo of the military women. Obviously, I have some work to do!

About Beth

A recently retired U.S. Marine Corps reservist, I traveled to Chile in 2017 on a whim and decided to stay embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. I have embarked on a new adventure in 2020, which I've named my Decompression Year. Come with me on my daily adventures! View all posts by Beth

One response to “Images of Military Women – Part II

  • sandanis

    Beth, you’ve got some good stuff up for your image assignment. Your restoration looks sharp and crisp, and you have some great stuff in your recolored images. The color you’ve added looks natural, and you don’t seem to have had the problems with opacity and layer settings that some other folks seem to have had. It’s shame you did a little bit over three images, since I think you could have put together one really impressive recolor. That said, I love the silhouetted soldier against the sky, and you’ve clearly got working with engravings down pat. Great work!

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