Photoshop – Try, try again


It sounds like everyone else experienced challenges with Photoshop as well. I will post another two photos, so you can all see some of my attempts (and am still working on them).

One of the things I thought about was “what does ‘fix’ mean?” Much like Kirk and Beth Garcia, fixing marks and blurs I found relatively easy to do and easy to accept. Beyond that, I had a harder time decided exactly what to do to ‘fix’ Cat and Man. Do I take out the frame, like Kirk did? Do I focus on the marks and blurs? So I did a little bit of both, and then had some fun. (see next post)

The more I thought, and the more I played with Photoshop, the more I was reminded of something in one of the videos. When someone asks how much it would cost to “fix” a photo, the narrator asked back, “how much time do you want me to spend on it?” We could spend an infinite amount of time fixing photos, but what are we trying to get out of it? Do we want to add context or texture? Or do we just want to bring out some of the details? As with anything, we need to think about our audience, our purpose and the second and third order effects of our “corrections”.


This week I commented on Kirk’s blog and Beth’s



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